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About us

    Step into the captivating realm of THEØFFICE, where creativity knows no limits and authentic expression reigns supreme. Embrace the vibrant space where imagination thrives, and artistic souls find their place to shine. Step into a contemporary world of self- discovery and exploration, where multiple concepts intertwine, inviting you to celebrate your unique creativity.

Welcome to a new level!



    THEØFFICE is housed in a historic building with a rich heritage. Originally an old printing house from the Soviet Union era, the structure boasts remarkable architecture, adorned with grand columns on the front facade. With an irreplaceable cultural significance, it once served as the largest pressroom and a national cultural monument of Armenia/Yerevan. Over time, the building underwent a transformative renovation, reimagining its purpose as an innovative and contemporary art space. Preserving its historical charm, THEØFFICE now stands as a dynamic hub of creativity, where the legacy of the old printing house harmoniously blends with modern artistic expression. Stepping inside, visitors are greeted by a captivating atmosphere that honors the past while embracing the endless potential of the future.


book palace

THEØFFICE has breathed new life into the space, turning it into a multi-functional and diverse urban hub. A blend of modern concepts and enthusiastic individuals come together under this reimagined name. With a welcoming spirit, THEØFFICE embraces all aspects of art, including music, painting, fashion, filmmaking, photography, and beyond, inviting exploration.

With an unwavering commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equality, we strive to cultivate a safe haven where people from all walks of life can come together, exchange energies, and create meaningful connections through the universal language of art.

Through our art initiatives and events, we aim to leave a lasting impact on the artistic landscape, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences that resonate with the soul, sparking inspiration, and igniting positive change in our community and beyond.

Visions and values

    Our vision and values revolve around drawing inspiration from art and fostering a deep sense of love and community. At THEØFFICE, we are committed to establishing an inclusive space that warmly welcomes all visitors. Whether you're here to discuss the latest trends, immerse yourself in contemporary art, or simply enjoy a relaxing chill-out session, we strive to make it all possible in a safe and welcoming environment. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere, come as you are, and become a cherished member of our fiercely alive and supportive community.


    Driven by a passionate mission and visionary outlook, THEØFFICE stands as a dynamic hub of creativity. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals through diverse artistic expressions, creating an environment where everyone feels free to unleash their creativity and embrace their true selves.

We envision THEØFFICE as a vibrant community that celebrates art in all its forms and encourages collaboration. Our vision is to foster a space for individuals to grow, learn, and share their artistic journeys, transcending boundaries and nurturing connections that flourish.

Join us in our mission to create a cultural renaissance, where the relentless spirit of artistic expression uplifts hearts and ignites a wave of inspiration, fostering a sense of belonging and celebration of individuality.

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