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Introducing our newest and most innovative addition - a versatile co-working space that goes beyond its previous purpose. Our re-imagined co-working space now serves as a multifunctional hub, offering not only a collaborative workspace, but also providing a perfect setting for various presentations, workshops, and educational events.


Featuring the latest and high-quality audio and video equipments, this co-working space ensures that every interaction, whether it's a meeting or a collaborative session, is crystal clear and impactful. We have carefully designed this space to be well-lit, prioritizing the comfort and productivity of our co-workers. Natural light floods the area, creating an inviting atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Additionally, our co-working space doubles as a movie screening area, adding an element of entertainment and relaxation to your work environment. Whether it's a private film screening or a social movie night with colleagues, this unique feature enhances the overall experience in our co-working space.

For those seeking creative inspiration during their workday, our extensive selection of books will be available within the co-working space, so you can get a creative boost and broaden your horizons while enjoying the collaborative atmosphere. 

Experience the perfect blend of productivity, connectivity, and leisure in our dynamic co-working space.

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