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[karmir film]

We believe that filmography/photography is the most aesthetic, special, constructive, and contemporary direction of fine art. Nowadays when everything goes digital "KARMIR FILM" team is valuing the maintenance to keep the production original and classic.


We honorably are presenting the most qualitative and genuine film/photo lab located in our space.


Karmir is a new kind of film lab located in the heart of Yerevan city (Armenia). We believe that analog photography is an art that allows you to convey and see more than is possible through digital photography.

Moreover, film photography concedes you to explore the mechanical way of how a scene is turned into an image.

And this is real magic.


We did our best to deliver you the most convenient system to send your films and receive the scans via multiple drop boxes installed across the city of Yerevan at the most convenient locations, where you can leave your films. They will be collected and processed and, finally, your images will be uploaded in a secure online space.

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